How to Frame Your Roommate for Murder

Arrogant goats. SOCAS (The Society of Children Against Sandcastles). New people. They are the top three things I hate most in the world. Please note: When I say new people I am not talking about slimy babies, freshly squeezed from the womb of our glorious queen human in Greenland. I am talking about those individuals who try to invade my social circle of excellence. Therefore, it is easy to see how a new roommate caused a clan of nomadic boils to form all across the top of my white derby ball head. But thanks to the 5 Step Program for Getting Your Roommate Evicted but then Getting Him Accidentaly Framed for Murder, that troublesome new person no longer roams the halls of my house. Don’t believe the 5 Step Program works? Well then, maybe you should ask the dead cat?

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